Short Plays

RG Gregory - Robin Goodfellow Seasonal PlaysShort Plays


Triangle: first completed one-act play, involving a threesome and mixed-up relationships.

The Tragedy of the White King: characters – all the pieces of a Chess set.  – words used as dance-routine.  White King, proud and arrogant, waging war against the Black Court, manages to turn the whole board against him and is, eventually, dragged down.

The Trial of Sarah Spring: a courtroom scene, in which Spring is put on trial for the death of Winter.   Prosecution and Defence handled by Pluto Bitters and Mr Phoebus.  Seasonal “allegory”. Contains section of “word-movement”, where words are used like dance in a dance-drama

Volcano: (all female cast) – two women and three girls shipwrecked on desert island, with near-to-erupting volcano.   Breakdown in relationships – old woman drowns (suicide) and, as volcano erupts, the remaining four decide they should seek some means to get off island.

Sex Barrier: (a touch of Pirandello’s Six Characters in  Search of an Author) – here, more actors trying to find their most suited characters.  A story of family life, which ends idyllically: it’s the shift of actors amongst the characters that creates the drama.  And the introduction of a fourth character in an unexpected role.

Saxo: (the characters, Bran, Pod and Saxo, come out of Pandora’s Box).  Pod wanted a girl – she gave birth to a boy, who grows into a monster dominating the household.  Pushing their misery to limits, he eventually consumes them, gives re-birth to them and dies from the effort.  They fall to worshipping his image.

The Robin Goodfellow Plays: (combining a Mummers’ play format with the Green Man) – five seasonal plays from Summer One, through Autumn, Winter and Spring, to Summer Two, exploring the traditional movements of the year, through the relationship of Robin and Kate.

Four Transformative Plays: Blooming Connie, Salt and Barley, Baskett’s Chickens and  Gert – with Armour:  (originally for performance in pub gardens).  Separate plays, each involving a  decisive change in relationships in their unfolding, and dealing with a contemporary theme.

The Dome and the Trees: an ecological short play, dealing with the preservation of trees and a geodesic dome, and a positive anti-authority protest, again relying on ritualistic movement.