I have been writing more or less continuously since 1945.

Many poems in small magazines and anthologies, though went for years not bothering.  Every so often I get down to a larger project.

I also create Poem Graphics which you can view here: Poem Graphics



Published Poems

The Ansty Experience: Long poem on monthly meetings in Ansty, in the middle of Dorset, with fellow poets, Philip Whitfield and Martin Blyth, leading to personal statement of views on the contemporary poetry scene and its concentration on the competitive spirit. (Wanda Publications 1993)

Glimpses of Dorset: A selection of poems written in the county, between 1972 and 1997, dealing with locations, family events, the influence of Thomas Hardy and the work of Word And Action. (Wanda Publications 1997)

Christmas Delinquent: small collection of poems on various themes. (Erbacce Press 2008)

Gentlemen lift the sea: First full-length collection of selected poems, covering many years and a considerable range of themes (Indigo Publishing 2012)

Bad for Ears & The Buddha’s Tooth: Second and third collection of selected poems, due out in May and November 2014. (Indigo Publishing)


Published Poems (Online)

Proverbs of Hell: Poems based on eleven of Blake’s Proverbs of Hell (www.modernpoetry.org)

124 poems: A selection of poems – www.famouspoemsandpoets.com

Rough Going: Channel crossing from Brittany to Plymouth (Poetry Salzburg)

Imperfect Eden: Poem in rhyme royal, 31 sections and 1479 stanzas – in 9-disc set (CD): exploration of father-son relationship and life in Southampton between birth (1928) and joining Grammar School and evacuation to Bournemouth (1939).

My Cuttings: Photo-play – long narrative poem accompanied by 58 collages – CD and book (unpublished); story of stalker and murderer, but also looking at values of Sunday supplements (from which collage material gathered). My Cuttings Video Poetry