My Cuttings Photoplay (Vid)

RG Gregory - My Cuttings PoemMy Cuttings ‘The tragedy of the masked man’

The idea for this photo-play arose from an exercise set by Dennis Kemp of Kodak Education, during the 71/72 Advanced Drama Diploma Course at the institute of Education, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: The creations of a narrative to link a series of (previously unrelated) magazine photographs.

Through a developing process, this poem was eventually written and 58 collages created to illustrate the poems themes. Then the collages were turned into slides, and the words were dramatically recorded; and the performance established by the blending of picture and sound.

The resulting photo play tried to turn what started as an exercise into an art-form in it’s own right. In so doing it came to be making a comment on the fantasy-world of the colour supplements, from which the collages were cannibalised, and which seemed to me then (and still now) within their glossy skins to be symbols of violence.

The original book of words and collages, as well as the slides and tape of the photo-play, still exist. The performance has now been transferred to DVD and a 3 part audio on You Tube.

Copyright RG Gregory (2002)

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